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Are you the Right Candidate for Hand-Tied Hair Extensions?

Hair extensions can be traced back to as early as 3400 B.C. when the ancient Egyptians wore real human hair to symbolize high status or royalty in society. And who better to thank than Cleopatra, who not only was a fashion icon but wore hair extensions to enhance her already exquisite beauty during her reign. Hair extensions today can have such a positive impact on a person's appearance, as well as, make them feel more confident in themselves.

Who would be a good candidate for hand-tied extensions?

The ideal client would be someone with at least a minimum of shoulder-length hair, with fine to medium density. The texture and density of the hair are discussed during an in-depth, consultation with a certified stylist to determine how much hair and rows are needed to achieve the client's desired hair goals.

What can hand-tied hair extensions do for you?

For one, they can provide clients with volume, fullness, and length that is made to look natural with your existing hair. "With a proper install method, hand-tied wefts are less damaging to the scalp, with no tugging, tension, or stress on the scalp or root, and have various options for styling without track or bead exposure (" In fact, some methods, such as IBE (Invisible Bead Extensions), have discreet attachments that do not show on someone with fine or thin hair. (For more info on the Invisible Bead Extension Method, click here.)

Are hand-tied hair extensions high maintenance?

No! You can still maintain an active lifestyle! This means going to the gym and taking a Zumba class should be no problem! Other activities include swimming and hiking in high-temperate climate zones. Additionally, they can be customized in color, layering, and styling to match your natural hair and density.

What hand-tied hair extension method is best for you?

Before you make your investment, you must do your research and look for a certified stylist in your area. Considering this service is an investment because a client's average price to install hand-tied wefts is about $1000. You'll want someone knowledgeable and trained in a quality installation method and one who knows how much hair and how many rows you'll need to achieve your desired look. Most importantly, you'll want someone who will help guide you and give you all the necessary tools to maintain the integrity of your hair during the entire process.

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