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Every Bride Should Have A "Getting Wedding Ready Playlist!"

Show hands for those with a "getting wedding ready playlist?" If you don't, then you need to, so keep reading! (Also, keep reading to find out some of our faves!) It is absolutely, 100% necessary to have a good playlist when glamming out with your girls! I mean, who doesn't love bopping around to "The Chapel of Love" or "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun?" Because let's face it, girls just want to have fun when reminiscing through their "old party days."

Everyone knows that good music has a way of speaking to the soul. What better way to amp up to some of your favorite jams while getting your hair and makeup done! It's the perfect time to shake off wedding jitters and let loose! Let me tell you, we love rocking out to a good playlist when working, so we've come up with a few of our faves from brides we've worked with along the way!

1.) Pandora: Brittany Spears Radio!

This playlist has a great collection of music from today's pop hits and your girl, Brittany Spears, of course! Whether you're shaking it like Shakira to "Hips Don't Lie" or walking and talking like Fergie to "Glamorous," there are songs for everyone to "thumbs up!"

2.) Pandora: Blink 182

Suppose you and your bridesmaids are more of an alternative rock-kinda crew. In that case, I encourage you to listen to Blink 182 Station on Pandora! It's a station with various songs from bands like Sum 41, Maroon 5, Boxer Car Racer, and Jimmy Eat World, to name a few. If you're anything like me and lived through the 90s, this might hit home for you!

3.) Pandora: Taylor Swift, Sawyr & Ryan Tedder Radio

Looking to chill but still listen to upbeat music? Under stations, search for Taylor Swift, Sawyr & Ryan Tedder Radio. This is an excellent way to relax, sing along, and keep the vibe going with your girls! This playlist includes various music by artists like Carrie Underwood, Taylor Swift, Calum Scott, 5 Seconds of Summer, and more!

4.) Spotify: AC/DC Radio

If you really want head-banging music, turn that dial and listen to AC/DC Radio on Spotify! Whether you're strumming your fingers to "Air" Electric Guitar or picking up your favorite brush and lip singing to "Thunderstruck," this is the station for you! I love a good hard rock music station! C'mon girls, you know there's a little rebel in you!

5.) Spotify: Sugar Ray Summer Radio

Oh, Sugar Ray, you make my heart sing!

But really, if you're into early 2000s pool and beachy vibes, this is the playlist for you! Songs that take you back to when you were chilling poolside or beachside with friends laughing over boys while sipping wine coolers and frozen margaritas! Man, weren't those the days! Love this station, and I think you will too!

Music is a great way to get the party started, even during the wee hours of the morning! I can't tell you how many good songs we danced and sang along to! It just sets the mood and gets everyone moving!

When you're getting ready for the day, designate a bridesmaid to DJ the music that day! Don't forget to bring your Bluetooth speakers and if you're hiring us, get ready for a dance party!!

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