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How To Maintain Blonde Hair In Between Salon Visits

Fun fact: Only 2% of the world’s population are natural blondes, meaning that 1 in 20 Americans are born with natural blonde hair! I know, crazy right! However, that hasn’t stopped the many of us who pay to have hair as bright as the sun. So what is it about blonde hair that has some of us swooning? Could it be how it makes us look in the summer when we’ve spent all day sunbathing on the beach? Or how good the hair looks with brighter pieces framing your face? Or how about the urge to revert to your childhood years when you had blonde hair, which provided a sense of youth and vitality?

All these reasons are based on the fact that women who go blonde want to change. But that could be said for anyone making a drastic change from one hair color to the next. Having blonde hair is fun; however, maintaining it can be overwhelming. As we all know, hair color fades over time, leaving many with unwanted warmer tones. While we can’t help the oxidizing process between appointment visits, we can use products at home to help slow the process down. Below are a few suggestions to keep your blonde locks looking brighter, healthier, and shiny.

1.) Purple Shampoo: Let’s clear the air about how much and how often you should include purple shampoo into your at-home hair care routine. The rule of thumb is once a week or when you see brassy tones pop through. The reason is that although purple shampoo can be blonde hair’s best friend, we have to remember that this product classifies as a temporary color. Too much overtime can dry out your blonde hair, giving it a dull and lusterless appearance. The goal is to lather on purple shampoo while the hair is wet and manipulate the product throughout the hair for about 5-10 minutes. Next, rinse with lukewarm water and pair it with a deep conditioning treatment or purple conditioner to help nourish and hydrate the hair.

Purple Shampoo Recommendations:

  • Amika, Bust your Brass Purple Shampoo

  • Goldie Locks, Brilliant Blonde Purple Shampoo

  • Davines, Alchemic Shampoo in Silver

2.) Tinted Conditioner: Tinted Conditioners make a great option between appointments to help keep your blonde hair looking fresh! Tinted conditioners can also be a fun way to spice up your hair color if you’re thinking somewhere along the lines of temporary hair color in pastels or vibrant shades!

Tinted Conditioner Recommendations:

  • R&CO., Sunset Boulevard- Daily Blonde Conditioner for Blonde and Gray Hair

  • Morrocan Oil, Color Depositing Mask in Champagne, Coral, Rose Gold (other colors available)

  • Biolage, Color Balm in Chai Tea or Lavender (other colors available)

3.) Weekly Hair Masks: A weekly hair mask is the best way to avoid drying out or damaging your blonde hair. Mask treatments nourish the hair and can act as a protective barrier against any harsh chemicals, such as chlorine, from the pool. This will also prevent your blonde hair from turning green.

Hydrating Hair Mask Recommendations:

  • Verb, Purple Toning & Hydrating Hair Mask, or Ghost Hair Mask

  • Amika, Soulfood Nourishing Mask

  • Goldie Locks, Ultra Hydrating Signature Hair Mask

  • K18, Hair Mask

4.) Avoid high heat with styling tools: One thing that blondes can do to help preserve their color is to avoid using styling tools with the heat turned on high. Instead, investing in a microfiber towel and air dry as much as possible might be a good idea. If you are using a styling tool, then be sure to keep an excellent heat protectant on hand. The heat protectant will act as a barrier and protect your strands from heat damage. Heat Protectant Recommendations:

  • Leaf and Flower, CBD Blowout Spray, and Phyto-Molecular Oil

  • Goldie Locks, Signature Hair Serum

  • Amika, Heat Protecting Blockade

  • Aluram, Shine Hair Serum

As the saying goes, “Blondes always have fun…” with the proper at-home hair care regimen! And as always, if you’re not sure what to buy, ask your stylist for recommendations on keeping your blonde hair looking fresh between appointments!

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