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I Have Something To Say Too

I have something to say too...

  • First and foremost, I am a wife of a LEO (Law Enforcement Officer) and I support his career choice.

  • I married this man, knowing that he chose to take an oath to serve and protect his community.

  • I am beyond proud of him and stand by him 100%.

  • He goes to work everyday, and puts his life on the line.

  • He never knows what he will encounter while on patrol.

  • Everyday I pray for his safety.

  • Everyday I wonder what his day was like, what he witnessed, what he had to endure.

  • How many times has be come close to death, and not mentioned it?

  • How many times, does the image of his family roll through his mind, when working in a dangerous situation?

  • How many times has he replayed the image of a white sheet covering his still body, when things take a wrong turn?

  • How many times does he defend his integrity, when trying to do right by others?

  • How many times is he mocked and slandered, because of his profession?

  • Who protects and serves them?

I have something to say too...I support my LEO. His life matters to. He is a GOOD police officer, a GOOD father, and a GOOD husband. I believe in PEACE, I believe in EQUALITY, I believe in LIFE, I believe in JUSTICE, I believe in what he STANDS FOR, and I AM AGAINST RACISM, OF ALL KINDS. I support life, period.

I am using my voice and my platform to fight for change to. I believe that the officers in Minneapolis, responsible for George Floyd's death, deserve whats coming to them. They will pay for their heinous crimes. I pray the Floyd family receives the justice and closure they deserve, as they grieve and mourn over the loss of their loved one. I pray this country ends systemic racism, and we all stand together as one, in unity and in peace.

Please, I urge matter your age, gender, sex or race, who or what you represent and most importantly, what you believe...remember this, there are still more good police officers out there than bad ones. They are the ones still upholding the law, serving and continuing to protect our communities. The men and women in Blue have families and loved ones waiting for them to come home safely. There lives matter. Let that sink in to.

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