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Is Balayage the Right Hair Coloring Service For You?

The term "balayage" means "to sweep" in French, otherwise known as hair

painting. As a hair stylist, I get asked a lot about what "lived-in" or "dimensional color" means when performing client services. The word most associated with this technique is ombre, a completely different color approach. The ombre technique was popularized in the 2000s displaying a gradual fade, beginning with a darker color at the roots to lighter pieces towards the end. In fact, ombre means "to shadow" in French, meaning the graduation of color was more distinct than that of balayage. With hair painting, there are no lines or blocks of color, and the graduation between shades gives the hair a more beachy, lived-in finish.

Balayage has become more prevalent in recent years because it requires little maintenance at home and grows out more naturally. The re-growth is less evident than that of more traditional coloring services. Being a mom of two, life can be a little chaotic, and when it comes to hair, more women are opting for ways to extend the life of their hair color in between appointments. The best part of this service is preserving most of your natural hair color, meaning less damage and dryness from lightening your hair. Furthermore, balayage is an alternative color service that can provide the look and feel of luxurious hair while maintaining your hair's overall health! After all, our goal as professional stylists is to create multi-dimensional color while keeping the integrity of the hair intact.

How much does it cost?

Choosing to balayage your hair is an investment in your time and money. Hair painting services can range anywhere from $175-$400 and take up to two-four hours, depending on your salon and stylist in your area. This includes the time, education, and money your stylist invested in perfecting the technique and skill required to achieve this look. Longevity is the goal when performing this service, so if you get two to three months out of your hair color, you're likely to get your money's worth.

Hydration is your friend, and weekly deep-conditioning treatments will help to build and restore broken hair bonds. Paired with color-safe shampoo and conditioners, your stylist can recommend the proper at-home regiment for you to use in between hair appointments! Last but certainly not least, remember to pre-book your next appointment with your hairstylist. The average balayage client sees their stylist at least two-three times a year. Knowing you have those appointments in advance will help

keep your balayage looking fresh all year round!

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