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My new virtual reality

What would we be doing without technology today?  Think about it, especially now, that we're all home self-isolating... everything we have access to is one click away.  With that said, its changed the face of the beauty industry.  By providing online education and resources we can easily access, this gives us the opportunity to further advance our portfolios.  Virtual classes are a hot commodity and growing, especially now with all salons being ordered to shut down.

In the past two weeks, I have taken countless zooms, google meet, Facebook and Instagram live streams.  First and foremost, I am so thankful for all the this knowledge.  Providing all these free educational videos, is keeping stylists such as myself and many others productive and up to speed with current trends.

Just because we were ordered to close for business, doesn't mean we stop learning.  In fact, the generosity of our industry leaders and educators have come together to provide a collection of classes to keep us all busy.  That's the beauty of this industry....we are in a constant state of change, rich in culture and diversity, comprised of brilliant artists willing to share their talents.

These days, with nothing but time on my side, rest assured that I am fully taking advantage of all the knowledge and education we are being offered.  Why, well for starters...I need something to keep me connected to my trade.  Secondly, it helps to keep my mind fresh, for something new and innovative to take back to the salon when we re-open for business.

So what have I been learning?  Just recently, I sat in on a styling class, taught by SESSION.MASTER, Massimo Morello (@maximomorello) of KEVIN.MURPHY.  He demonstrated how to incorporate beautiful, voluminous curls into the hair.   Massimo used a curling wand to mimic that "Old Hollywood Glamour," using a variety of products by  KEVIN.MURPHY'S volume line and newest on the market, EVER.SMOOTH, a heat activated styling spray!  This look was also transferable as a blow-out option, which I intend to use when I get my hands on some hair!

My new obsession as of late has been a series of braiding tutorials, taught by Alison Velsamis.  If you don't know her, go check out her Instagram handle, @braidedandblonde.  She's a phenomenal Bridal and Blonding specialist and I enjoy watching her tutorials.  Since her class, I have purchased my own tripod and long-haired mannequin to practice all the fun braids I've been dying to try.  

Last to complete the styling genre of classes, the one I had most fun with was the "Quick Spring Styles," with STYLE.MASTER, Sarah Lund of KEVIN.MURPHY.  She showed me and a few hundred other viewers how to incorporate cute scarves into simple, yet stylish updo's.  I ended up finding an old sequence scarf, my daughter Audri had laying around from an old Halloween costume.  Hey whatever works right, I was just grateful I had the opportunity to catch her when I did.

All these classes wouldn't be possible if it weren't for today's technology.  It's our new normal, this tech savvy, virtual reality world we live in...(and I don't mean the funny, bulky, looking goggles you put on over your face, either.)  Having online resources gives us the option to work from home, take classes, connect with family and friends and so much more.  So again, I ask...what would we do without technology?  Food for thought.

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