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Be happy and your stylist!

Here's a little humor for you...I wanted to shed some light on why showing your roots ain't all that bad.  For one, if your stylist happens to go gray just as quickly as you do, you'll be exchanging some really interesting and funny stories on how you both did your best to conceal those hairs, and two, well to be honest, we're all on the same band wagon. 

So lets embrace it for the time being and have a little fun with it.  Be happy and #showyourroots!  I had a little help coming up with this blog from friends, family, clients and Pinterest/Google.  Here are some funny quotes I collected, after posting this ridiculous request on Facebook.  Happy reading, everyone!

1.)  "Its great to have gray hair, just ask anyone who's bald."-Rodney Dangerfield...Funny story about this quote; I read this out loud to my husband when I was telling him what my next topic was and he replied..."I'll be bald before I go gray, so I guess I can resonate with that one." hahahahaha!-Pinterest

2.)  "If gray hair is a sign of wisdom...I'm a freaking genius!"-Pinterest...See getting old and being smarter than you think, because of how your hair looks, has its perks to!

3.)  "This pandemic has brought us all back to our roots."-Nora...I owe this one to my mother-in-law...she's always the first to respond whenever I post something.  Knowing I have her support warms my heart, even when it's silly topics like this one!  Thanks for being such a sport!

4.) "PUT THE BOX DYE DOWN...Need I remind you corrective color services start at $300+."  You can thank my friend and client, Bri for that one.  This quote I've seen circulating, but it was funny when one day she tagged me and I laughed when I saw it.  She knows better...why, because any hair dresser will tell you, they'll haunt you in your dreams if you even think about buying "non-essential color," from your local pharmacy or grocery store.

5.)  "My 3 year-old calls my "gray hairs", wizard hair.  I'm not getting older, just more powerful."-James Breakwell  Out of the mouth of babes...gotta give them credit for seeing the positive side of things.  However, you know you're down for the count when your 4 year-old says, "Mommy your "white hairs," look like Grammy's.  It's like you guys are twins."  There's no turning back from there.

6.)  Which leads me right into the next quote, I thought made perfect sense after #5..."Gray hair is hereditary.  We get it from our children."-ISHOULDHAVESAID.NET  Um, may I just be the first to say, I now understand what my parents meant, when they said you were the reason I started going gray.  Yep, as a parent I fully comprehend that statement.  I've since dedicated a visible area of gray strands, for each one of my family members and named them.  The most visible spot is right where I part my hair, thanks Rob, (my husband).

7.)  "No they aren't gray hairs, I'm just so fabulous that even my hair sparkles."-Pinterest  I mean who doesn't love sparkles, right?  I've seen some pretty amazing men and women who sport their natural locks.  A few years back, I cut one of my friends' mom's hair, and she was ligit, silver (all natural to)!  It looked and felt absolutely beautiful!

8.)  "Is that gray hair I see?  Gray hair, what gray hair?  Girl, this is my money piece!"-Nikki- Both a friend and colleague, I love this woman.  It's not often we see each other, but she knows how to bring it and give it right back.  As hairdressers, we're always the last to get our hair its no surprise that we can categorize our gray hair into the platinum family....void of pigment.  Need I say more?

9.)  "You make me feel like a NA-TU-RAL WOMAN." Song and Lyrics by Aretha Franklin  This comment was suggested by our Aunt Annie from Pennsylvania, and then preceded with, "We'll all look 10 years younger with your help, after this pandemic is over." Aunt Fran.  Gotta love family members who play along for the fun of it.  There's nothing like family!

10.)  Here's one for the books...Gray Hair..."There will be a party to mourn the loss of our youth tonight.  Starts at 12:00 am sharp, don't be late." -Pinterest  This sh**t just got real.  I mean youth, maturity, old age, doesn't it all roll into one eventually?  Well if thats the case, then I guess my hair isn't gray, they're called "Wisdom Highlights."  The older I get, the wiser I am.  

I hope this cheered you up a bit.  I read this blog out loud to my husband when I finished, and we both got in some good laughs.  The first one though, really hit home for  Oh well, he's over it.  But in all seriousness, I encourage you to be patient and find it in your heart to #showyourroots.  We will be ready for you when we can finally get back to work!  So support your stylist and #stayrooted!

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